What is The Meatty Okra Project?

Right now, Meatty Okra is a small group of friends who wanted a reason to hang out more often and jamming together was a good way to do it. My name is Greg, and The Meatty Okra Project is really my creation. I want to form more than a band, but rather, a community of musicians. I want there to be no set members, no set genre, no booking shows or pressure to perform at your absolute best. I want a relaxed environment that anyone can enjoy, either by actively participating in the creative process, or by enjoying the musical creations via our live stream events. Ultimately, I would like to start a non-profit recording studio in the Buffalo, NY area that is free to anyone interested in creating music. This dream however, will never come to fruition with out the financial and community support from some of you out there. I am 31 years old and I have realized that I will never be satisfied by just working a normal job forever. I want to make a positive impact on the lives of those in my community, especially those who are talented but maybe do not have the confidence or money required to have their talents realized. I am not trying to be the next great rock star, but if what I do can inspire someone else to become one, then I will have done my job. My real job, is to inspire others to create rather than destroy! 


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NumberOneMusic is a SCAM

BEWARE!! Any and All future/current Rock Stars out there! DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!! This website preys on young musicians need to feel accepted and appreciated by artificially inflating your fan numbers and video views / song listens/likes/subscribers/ the works. Then, once you’re believing that you are the next big thing. They hit you with the need to subscribe for more features and a more extensive FAKE Fan Reach. Which they will continue to provide to you in the form of fake likes, even fake reviews of your songs, and promotions of your work. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! They are Predators lying in wait in the murky waters of the internet for you to swim into their hopes and dreams trap! In case you are wondering, NO we did not fall for this SCAM. Still do not believe me?

Google It:
Also check out how our 1st YouTube Video got over 1,000 views in less than a week. I mean seriously, we are good, but not THAT good. I decided to take a stand against Tyranny and posted on our FORMER Number One Music page about this scam. Big surprise, woke up this morning and our account and all record of Meatty Okra has been deleted from their site. Now I say to you N1M, you want a war, GAME ON! #jointherevolution #buffalomusicrebellion #meattyokra #themeattyokraproject #TruthNotLies #FreeYourMind #NeverDoubtYourself #IStandUpToBulliesBy #DefendersOfMusicalFreedom #NumberOneMusic #Scam
So be sure to check us out on a more reputable site, like

Hey guys, please repost this to your own timelines/sites! Lets take these bastards down!


Meatty Orka Chapter 1

Our goal is to revolutionize the relationship between bands and fans, blurring the lines between producer and consumer, artist and fan, collaborator and audience or however else you want to put it. Anyway, we are here to have a good time while creating something greater than any of its individual parts. We are a constantly evolving and consistantly inconsistant project, with 5 original founding members, but a participant list that can literally extend out to anyone interested in collaborating with us in the future. So join us on our musical misadventure as we redefine what it means to be a band. THE FUTURE OF MUSIC IS NOW! Join us Saturday Feb/18/2017 For our next FaceBook LiveStream Jam Session with a handful of the original Meatty Okra members, as well as a special guest drummer, Ryan, of Luanjie! Thank you as always for your interest and support! 

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